List and Meaning of Most Popular Domain Name Extensions for Blogger Custom Domains

List and Meaning of Most Popular Domain Name Extensions for Blogger Custom Domains

Custom domain is to use your own domain name or change / remove the name of the subdomain blogspot in the address of the Blogger blog.

Previously CB had shared about the definition of domain extension names.

Domain name extensions (Domain Name Extensions) are endings or the final part of the domain - the letter that is behind the point on the right side of the domain name.

For more details about what domain name extensions are, here is a picture of the structure of the domain name and its explanation from the First Site Guide page.

Prefix is ​​an internet application domain name protocol, namely http and https. (Read: Understanding Http and https).

Subdomains are the third level domain of the website name, which is www, which stands for the world wide web. However, many websites also do not use www.

Name is the third level domain of the website, which is the website address, which is chosen by the website owner himself by buying it in the domain provider.

Extension is the third level domain that is the topic of our posts this time. In the picture above, the domain name extension is dot com (.com).

Dot Com is the most popular and most widely used doman extension in the world. Com itself stands for Commercial or commercial, but non-commercial sites can also use it.

Dot Com is one of the Top Level Domains, in addition to other domain name extensions.
List of Most Popular Domain Name Extensions
The following is a list of the most popular domain name extensions in the world. If you are going to do a custom domain or buy a domain, you should choose this popular domain name, to be more quickly familiar with search engines and users.

When buying a domain, besides being concise, easy to remember, and relevant to the content and niche of the blog, you should have one of the following domain name extensions:

1. .com
2. .net
3. .org
4.. Info

If the .com has been taken by someone else, select .net. If .net is also not available, then select .org or .info, with the note that .org is identical to the organization site, because indeed .org stands for organization.

So, the priority of the choice of domain name extension is .com, .net, or .info, but preferably the most popular .com in the whole world.

Later, a new extension of the .xyz (dot xyz) domain name was released in 2014. The word XYX represents the X-generation born between 1965-1976, Y-generation born 1977-1995, and the Z-generation born 1996-present.

There is also a .tk (dot tk) domain name extension which is the domain for the Tokelau region. Because this domain is unreliable and inconsistent, it is used globally, even for free.

Because many websites with extension .tk domain names are used for cyber crime, such as scam, phishing, and spam, this domain name extension has a bad reputation in the eyes of search engines and users.

Returning to the list of Most Popular Domain Name Extensions for Blogger Custom Domains, besides .com, .net, .org, and .info, the names of other popular domain extensions are as follows:



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