3 Main Pillars in Seo Technique

3 Main Pillars in Seo Technique

Talking about SEO is certainly never ending, this is because Google itself (and other search engines) always changes its algorithm regularly (to produce more relevant search results). Nevertheless we can still analyze and take a number of important points to still be able to exist on the search results page or SERP of Google and other search engines and as follows:

1.Internal Link Building
SEO techniques with the Internal method Iink building is a method that utilizes each page of the blog to build links from one blog page / post with another page using the same blog. An example of a very good internal link building can you look at the wikipedia site.

2.Quality backlinks
Until now, in 2010, backlinks will likely remain seo's soul. Of course, the more days Google and other search engines will continue to improve the selection system between quality backlinks and not or even worse (if you get a backlink in the "bad" category you should start being careful).

3.Frequency of post updates
If you think that unique content is important, skipper feels that it has faded this year. Why ? because the proof of duplicate content aka Kopas content can actually be better than the original article. This can happen with the help of point number 2, which is a backlink to duplicate content. So, if the original article has a smaller number of backlinks than duplicate content, there is a possibility that the copier's serp is better than the original content in addition to other factors that support the SERP.

For that, update posts regularly and in a fixed time, determine the exact post schedule. Every new post try to have at least 1 link to the previous article.


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