4 Ways to Make a Business Website That Attracts Consumer Attention

4 Ways to Make a Business Website That Attracts Consumer Attention

Then what about business websites? This of course remains valid and determines how business professionals you develop. For that, consider the review on how to create a business website that attracts the following consumer attention.

1. Use Attractive Website Templates
Speaking of website appearance, we will talk about website templates. Currently, there are lots of interesting templates that can be used on a business website.
However, there are some things that need to be considered before using the template. Like the responsive level of templates on several gadgets (Smartphone, Tablet, PC), loading speed, and also a widget feature that makes navigation easier.

Customize the template with your business website needs. If a business website is in the form of a landing page, use a template that is able to display key information such as company profiles and product descriptions offered. However, if your business website is a website that displays products, then using an online store template that is simple but easy to use.

2. Use Interesting Thumbnail Images
The next way to make a business website more attractive is to use high-resolution image thumbnails. This image quality will help capture the attention of consumers when opening your business website.

You can use your smartphone's camera to take photos and edit them in the Photoshop application. With this, you can make the image clearer, brighter, and you can insert a short text to explain product details briefly.

3. Use the Location Plan on the Website
In addition to the two methods above, a clear location plan is also a way to make business websites more attractive to consumers. Nearly 69% of business websites, just put the company's address on their Contact Us page. In fact, the location plan is one of the benchmarks for consumers to want to know our company more deeply.

4. Using Static Pages "About Us" that are interesting
The last way to make a business website attract the attention of consumers is to look different than usual. The average static page "About Us" or "About Us" often looks stiff.

You can try to make something new and unusual. Like the photos of all the Teams posing Gokil, which shows how solid the Team is for the company you manage. Almost everyone will pay more attention to companies that show cohesiveness between employees and their superiors.


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